What improvements we did to upgrade mining safety whips

I must say we've been doing this for decades and ever since we're doing it, be a small branch of mining industry, we undoubtedly have responsibility to make our products high class, contributing to mine work since safety is the most important part of operation.

At the beginning of this year, to catch the trends of market and user habit, after investigation and getting some suggestions from our cooperated clients, we dertermined to improve it.


Details listed as follow:

  1. Military grade material as those makes our safety whip much more durable
  2. Bigger sized spring increased flexibility and strength to fiberglass rod
  3. 66kg strong magnetic tripod base for customers' options
  4. Super bright 5050 LED self-contained top light (Flashing / Non-Flashing and different colors for options), 12pcs LED per light
  5. Universal connector of top warning lights