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New double wrapped LED whip for boat - Norwayho

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Not only for ATV/UTV/RZR on land, Norwayho also started to develop new products for marine. Wrapped LED whip for boat is our first step on this road. Based on the original product,with considering the nature of overwater use, new whip for boat retains the advantages of our current type and there are also some creative designs in details.

-2 sections design with 2 kinds of super bright LED

Upper part: White 3825 LED &Below part Dream chasing color 5050 LED.This breakthrough design takes both entertainment and safety intoconsideration. When boat is sailing, white light always keeps on and chasing color light at the below is off.Of course you can restart chasing color.

in condifions permitting, same like our current LED whips.

-Solid wrapped tube with vent on the top

Double wrapped tube makes it more durable for long term use. Since whips are used on water, almost inevitably it will generate water vapor after a period of use. Therefore we put a vent on the top to exhaust vapor, which can effectively extend its service life.

-Upgraded plug and new screwed quick release mount base

Different from traditional waterproof plug, upgraded plug owns much better appeal in appearance and of course, waterproof performance is much stronger. New screwed quick release mount base will help you fix it on the boat firmly.

-New type Bluetooth controller

Whip can be controlled both by remote &Bluetooth(APP: BanlanX).This new controller has latest features like turning signal, breaking signal and voice control.You can do the color and mode DIY through remote or on your phone at a free way!




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