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What LED Beacon Color Should I Use? Norwayho

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After marketing research, Norwayho makes a simple guide to help you decide:

Amber/Yellow -- This color is great for many uses. It's commonly used as a warning light on slow or stopped service vehicles on public roads. You'll also see it a lot on construction sites and inside airports. They are good for warning.

Red -- Red is for emergencies. It's used by firefighters and police vehicles. In buildings or factories, red beacons warn about dangerous conditions or processes.

Blue -- Blue is usually only for police in public places. Police and firefighters might use it too, depending on the rules where they are.

Green -- Green is for safety or sometimes security. Safety reps might have green beacons. Green is also used by teams that help in emergencies. Fire chiefs use green on their command vehicles. In some places, green is used for funeral processions.

Purple -- Some places use purple for funeral processions.

White -- White is a general-purpose color. It's often used with other colors on vehicles. Some places require white beacons on school buses. Railroads use white for their service vehicles.

Remember, if you're not sure about the rules for using a certain color, it's best to ask local officials.




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