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Why need mining safety whip?

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With the development of mining industry, more and more attention is paid to visual safety of mining machinery vehicles and mining transport vehicles.

In extreme environments in extreme locations, they need to be seen and kept safe, and that's where the mining safety whip comes in.

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Safety whip NWH-KY03

Voltage:DC 12V-24V

Top LED Light:Amber flash

Pole color:white

Pole diameter:12.7mm

Reflective flag:30x30cm/40x40cm  Yellow X

Quick release mount(chrome coating, electroplate)

Spring base 6mm/7mm/7.5mm/8mm(chrome coating, electroplate)

with cigarette lighter

Operating Temperature:-20℃ ~ +70℃

Waterproof:IP 65

LED lifespan:More than 50,000 to 100,000 hours

Used:ATV/UTV/Project vehicle/Off road/4X4/Mining vehicle/Heavy equipments truck/Jeep/Motorcycle/Boat etc.

The bottom connection can be customized to match the vehicle, and the long flagpole with a shiny LED light at the top is seen in a dusty or smoggy environment.

The glow of the lights can be identified as working mining machinery, and they act as a warning when moving.

This is the most important role of mining safety whip.

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